Managed Legal Services

Many companies struggle to balance their day-to-day responsibilities of providing goods and services to their clients with all the other things needed to keep the business running.

Frequently things get missed, and the business suffers because you are too busy or don’t know what potential pitfalls may exist.

Every company requires legal counsel. You can’t rely on websites’ frequently asked questions (FAQs) for legal advice. Large corporations have the luxury of employing attorneys full-time on their staff to ensure corporate compliance standards are met in the organization. In-house counsel advise their organizations on many types of legal matters and complex issues that don’t fit into neat categories of commercial, employment, tax, IT, IP, etc. They’re also increasingly involved in overall strategy considerations of the business, often working closely with the CEO or Board of Directors. Managed legal services can help small businesses level the playing field.

Managed services is an alternative to the break/fix model where the service provider performs on-demand services and bills the customer only for the work done. Managed services are akin to routine maintenance on your vehicle. You can choose to skip some items or do them yourself, only to pay even higher costs when a major repair is needed because the routine maintenance was overlooked. Another example would be your family physician, who you go to for common medical problems and ongoing visits to ensure that your body is in peak physical condition to avoid the more costly bills when things are ignored. The alternative to the break/fix model is managed services, a service plan, where the customer pays a fixed amount for services covered in the plan and pays additional amounts for repairs or other work not covered in the plan. Managed services have been widely used in technology companies and projects; they now impact the legal sector. Managed services enable clients to quickly and more cost-effectively tap into rich technical expertise or additional capacity by focusing on deploying the right resources to the right project at the right price.

Imagine having your own in-house counsel with the same skill and expertise as your large competitors available when you need them while not having to pay for one when you don’t. Managed legal services give clients more value because the attorney and the business can develop an ongoing relationship where the decisions being made consider both the legal ramifications and the clients’ business objectives and needs. A managed legal services provider invests time and effort into understanding those objectives and needs.

The Guidry Group can serve as both a lawyer and a business strategist. The Guidry Group will strive to deliver results quickly and cost-efficiently while protecting your organization from risk. Let the Guidry Group help you make more informed decisions, make the best technology and resource choices for each task, and drive operational efficiencies by controlling legal spending, building compliant yet efficient processes, and improving legal results. The Guidry Group has more than a decade of experience helping businesses achieve operational success while protecting your assets and complying with current laws and regulations.

Your business faces obstacles every day, including legal issues, such as contracts, disgruntled employees, government regulators, or M&A due diligence. Whether starting up a new enterprise or running a growing business, it’s wise to hire a small business lawyer. The Guidry Group will be there when trouble rears its ugly head, but it’s better to start working with an attorney earlier than later.

Our Managed Legal Services include:


Cost Savings

Businesses can save greatly as compared to traditional models.


Because the attorney is intimately familiar with your business, he will be able to respond to your needs quickly without you having to teach them about your business each time you engage them.



Ramp up and down quickly with a flexible engagement model designed to accommodate quick starts and stops.

Be prepared

The Guidry Group is ready to help you with all of your small business legal needs. Be prepared by protecting your business. Contact the Guidry Group and let us know how we can help.