Guidry Group offers the following pricing models to fit the particular needs of your business:

Hourly Rates

  • The standard hourly rate for legal services is $250/hour 
  • Hourly fees are subject to change. You will receive an electronic notification of such changes before any work is done under the new fee structure.

Fixed or Flat Fee Rates

  • Flat fees, also known as fixed fees, are pre-arranged total fees that are paid upfront before you complete work for a particular legal matter. In some cases, your matter may qualify for a fixed fee arrangement for specific work.
  • Flat fees may be attractive for both you and the attorney because these sorts of matters usually have no surprises and no fee collection hassles.
  • Examples of services that qualify for a fixed fee arrangement include providing form agreements, reviewing short agreements, and business filings
  • Time spent on calls or negotiating will be charged at the hourly rate. 
  • All fixed fee services will be confirmed in an electronic communication; in the absence of such confirmation all fees are billed hourly.

Subscription Pricing

  • A legal subscription plan is where you have your services or a bundle of services available for a fixed law firm pricing on a recurring basis. It’s like Netflix, but legal services.
  • The Guidry Group can provide you with legal services on an as-needed basis for a set monthly subscription fee, such as Managed Legal Services.
  • This leads to more predictable expenses for your business, and smoother working relationships. 
  • Subscription pricing may make sense for clients who need ongoing legal help, such as small businesses.
  • A subscription plan can include monthly document review, unlimited letters and consultations, and ongoing monitoring of a your matter. This not only gives you peace of mind that your business is compliant. And if you need help on a matter beyond what your subscription plan offers, the Guidry Group will already have a deeper understanding of how your business works enabling the work to be done more efficiently and effectively.

Retainer or Block Time

  • Another derivative of the hourly rate, called retainers, are a lump sum clients pay up front from which you will deduct your hourly fees. Retainers are also used to secure your availability as an attorney. Because you are buying these hours in bulk and ahead of time, the hourly rate is typically at a reduced rate from the standard hourly rate.
  • If a retainer is requested, work will not commence until the retainer has been received. Retainers may need to be replenished or maintained, if the engagement is for substantial amounts of time, or issues with payment of invoices exist. 
  • Upon completion of the engagement, the remaining funds in the retainer will be promptly repaid to you upon request, unless you have an outstanding balance which will be paid from the remaining funds before disbursement to you.
  • Retainers are maintained in an Interest On Lawyers Trust Account (IOLTA). The IOLTA Program is the result of a unique partnership between the banking and legal communities. The interest earned on these trust accounts is disbursed by the Louisiana Bar Foundation (LBF) to Louisiana’s largest civil legal service programs, pro bono programs, battered women shelters, and numerous other community organizations that provide civil legal assistance to Louisiana’s low-income citizens.


  • External costs incurred on your behalf, such as filing fees, delivery charges, and similar expenses, will be charged in addition to the fees for services listed above. Expenses will be charged to you at our cost with no additional mark up.
    • For large expenses, you may be required to prepay those costs, or pay them directly. 
  • Discounts
    • If any discounts are given, they will not apply if the invoice has not been paid on or before the due date on the invoice.

Be prepared

The Guidry Group is ready to help you with all of your small business legal needs. Be prepared by protecting your business. Contact the Guidry Group and let us know how we can help.